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About us


Established in 2005, UNIGINE is a global company focused on real-time 3D technologies. We deliver cutting-edge B2B and B2C solutions for simulation, visualization, scientific research, video games, virtual reality systems and more. Our proprietary UNIGINE Engine has received worldwide acclaim for pushing technology frontiers further than ever imagined. More than 270 B2B customers have created hundreds of UNIGINE-powered projects in various industries.

Among other products, we created a lineup of performance benchmarks: Sanctuary (2007), Tropics (2008), Heaven (2009), Valley (2013), Superposition (2017) that have over 40 million active users around the globe.


UNIGINE is a full-cycle technology provider with a team of more than 80 highly experienced professionals of all kinds: programmers, 3D artists, QA engineers, technical writers, project managers, and support engineers. This brilliant R&D team is supported by very close cooperation with engineering teams of IHV and ISV partners. We also rely heavily on advanced automated tools for building, testing and deploying our products, which allows our team to concentrate on solving extremely complex problems instead of wasting time on simple and repetitive activities.


Over the years, UNIGINE has continuously worked in close cooperation with engineering teams of leading hardware vendors, including AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and others. These important partnerships have helped us achieve the highest level of performance and compatibility for our products. Early access to next-generation hardware allows UNIGINE to constantly push the boundaries of technology. Nevertheless we are proud that all of our benchmarks are vendor-neutral, providing fair performance comparison.